From company owned devices to personal device, Fruit Fixer can help keep your business going and increase your employee moral!

Benefits Package
Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, many with a damaged screen or decreased battery life. Increase employee loyalty and morale by offering device repair as a benefit. You can choose to cover as much of the cost as you would like. Many employers choose to cover 50% of the cost of the repair.

Corporate Owned Devices
Whether every member of your team is provided a company phone or you have iPads in the field, damage to these devices can happen. We make it easy to get these devices back to new with very little down time!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off
Don’t take valuable time out of your day! Depending on what devices are being repaired, we offer Free Pick-Up and Drop-off services! Now, just imagine what you can do with all that free time!

No Down Time
We understand business must go on!  Most repairs are completed within an hour, so there’s no slow down to your workday.

To Big? To Small? Think Again!
Whether your business has 5 company iPads or 1000 employee phones, Fruit Fixer has the capacity to repair them in a timely manner.

Billing Terms
We offer billing terms tailored to your needs! With Net-30 terms, you can get on with your newly repaired device and let accounting handle the rest.

Company owned devices get beat up! We carry a wide variety of protection!  We offer ProtectionPro!  The most advanced touchscreen shield on the market! The slickest and smoothest shield on the market!  We carry this for all devices!

Ready to have Fruit Fixer get your company’s devices back to new? Call now us and ask to speak with Hammad about setting up a corporate account.